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Meanderings East and West

Exploring the Connection between Astrology and Yoga

Singular Nativities

From the perspective of Yoga, all paths lead to the mountain top. We might observe that the only difference between any two paths is how long they take to reach the goal and what we see along the way. Each person has their own birth chart, which when rightly considered conveys a sense of the path they are taking in a given lifetime. Some paths may seem more glamorous or exciting, but we all tread the path which is right for us at this time. In other words, we all get the chart we deserve... and need. Some horoscopes contain patterns so prominent that we don't have to look very deeply to see what's going on. The path is clear, so to speak. Here are a few such charts for your consideration.


Charles LindberghCharles Lindbergh achieved great notoriety in 1927 when he was the first person to fly an airplane solo and non-stop from North America to Europe. At that time he was probably the most famous person on Earth.

In Lindbergh's chart, Mars is not conjunct Jupiter or Uranus. It's not high in the chart. His Sun sign isn't adventuresome Aries. It's patient and plodding Capricorn. Mars is conjunct 2 benefic planets: that's nice but nothing spectacular. However, at the time of Lindbergh's birth, Mars was moving forward at 99.97% of its maximum forward motion. In the author's collection of hundreds of charts, Lindbergh is one of two people with the fastest Mars of all.

When a planet in the chart is moving at maximum speed, it becomes very important. When a planet is stationary, it becomes very important. When it is moving backwards at maximum speed, it becomes very important. As we can see in Lindbergh's chart, it's a matter of degree: the more extreme the motion, the more important the planet.

A powerful Mars can bring boldness, independence and courage. It puts us on the path of excitement and... adventure.

Charles Lindbergh Horoscope


Ken WilburKen Wilber is a new-age thinker and writer who promotes an "Integral" approach to spirituality. His teachings attempt to reconcile the ancient teachings of the East with the modern science of the West. His writings are encyclopedic and analytical. They reveal an inexhaustible interest in bringing organization and structure to a daunting range of academic subjects and spiritual disciplines. Structure is Saturn. Inexhaustible energy is Mars. Mental energy is Mercury. Investigation is Pluto.

Virgo rising: Virgos are adept at organization. They keep their ideas clear and often keep themselves clean-shaven. The ruler of Virgo is youthful Mercury and in this chart it's close to an exalted Mars. Note his incisive expression, which suggests a probing intellect: Mercury and the Sun are tightly aspected by Pluto. This is the pattern of an investigator. His portrait expresses less the jovial image of a laughing Buddha (Jupiter) or a loving Buddha (Venus) than of someone functioning at the level of the Mercury Center or Budha Chakra. Keen attention is conveyed: discernment, discrimination, focus.

Like Charles Lindbergh, Ken Wilber was born when Mars was moving forward at its maximum velocity: 99.97%. Born into a military family, he obtained a Master's degree in Biochemistry, a highly technical field. His shaven head and penetrating gaze convey something rather intense. Which symbolic energies would you say are active in his horoscope? Perhaps his Mars/Mercury/Pluto combination is good place to start.

Ken Wilbur Horoscope


Musician and actress Miley CyrusMiley Cyrus has been in the news lately while she has been testing the public's definition of good taste and tolerance for outrageous behavior. As the saying goes: "All publicity is good publicity."

She was born at the exact moment of Sunrise. All things being equal, people born at sunrise are like classic Leos: talented, dramatic, creative, sensational, flamboyant. They have no problem being in the limelight and will sometimes make great efforts to stay there.

Because the Sun rules Leo and Leo is the sign of her career house (10th House) this gives her an automatic Raja Yoga: a chart pattern associated with fame, power and recognition. The ruler of the 10th house is in the first house. Because 9th-lord Moon and 11th house Mercury are also in the first house and conjunct, the "royal" pattern gets amplified dramatically. She was born into a celebrity family and will likely stay a celebrity. Celebrities are the royals of today.

We can observe that Miley Cyrus is a double Scorpio: both ascendant and Sun are in that constellation. Like cats, Scorpios are said to have 9 lives. They pass through heavy transformations in life and leave their old identities in the dust. In recent years she has made the metamorphosis from a sweet and cute child star to an "edgy" female star. The difference in persona is rather striking.

In a sense, Miley Cyrus a triple Scorpio, since her Moon is conjunct Pluto. This is a very explosive and unpredictable pattern. As she passes through different stages of growth and unfoldment, hers will be an interesting lifetime to watch. She will take on different identities, different "looks", different personas.

Miley Cyrus Horoscope


Luciano PavarottiLuciano Pavarotti was born with the constellation Cancer rising and the lord of his chart is therefore the Moon. He was born during a Full Moon in Pisces, a most excellent influence for musical talent. Pisces is one of the two "big" signs (Sagittarius and Pisces) ruled by Jupiter in traditional astrology.

Pavarotti's chart ruler Moon is therefore strengthened since planets flourish in the 9th house because the 9th house corresponds to Sagittarius and its ruler Jupiter: the force of expansion and opportunity. (The fortunate houses are 1,5 and 9: the "trinal houses" which are in a natural triangular position from one another. The Trine aspect relates to Jupiter: it brings good fortune and growth.)

The Moon is very strong when full and nicely accommodated by Pisces, whose watery nature matches that of Moon. When there's a full moon, the Sun is aspected by the best benefic in the chart: a bright Moon. Pavarotti's Sun is in the 3rd house, which deals with communication in general. The Sun, as lord of the 2nd house of speech (and eating) is powerfully charged. Pavarotti was gifted with a unique voice, even compared to other magnificent tenors of his day. He was a giant. To listen to him sing, is to feel his exuberance.

Luciano Pavarotti Horoscope

Celestial Agents

In classical Indian astrology there are 9 planets, called graha or "graspers". Together, they are called the Navagraha or Nine Planets. Sometimes they are considered as the planets in the sky, sometimes they are taken as gods. Sometimes they are viewed as agents of divine will who bring us our allotted fate. Sometimes they are seen as personifications of natural forces and psychological urges. Sometimes they represent the chakras and energies within the astral spine. Which of these perspectives is the right one ? Precisely !

In a holistic view, there may not be only one correct way to look upon Astrology. After all, there are some equations in Mathematics for which there is more than one solution, where both solutions are true and both solutions are real. For example, the Square Root of 9 is equal to both 3 and -3. Equations exist which have multiple solutions, countless answers. They're all correct.

We each have our own unique horoscope. Our nativity is our solution to the question of Life at this point in our evolution. Just as all rivers lead to the ocean, each horoscope serves the soul as it reaches towards balance.

Navagraha or Nine Planets

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