Table of Contents

Chapter Subject Horoscopes
1 On Earth as it is in Heaven The origins of Astrology, the Sidereal Zodiac, Ayanamsha Shirley Temple
2 Visitors From Another Planet Women and Venus Martha Stewart
3 Healing the Solar System Within The planets, chakras, elements
4 Reaching Towards Balance Saturn and Karma Albert Einstein
5 Amen ! Leo and the Sun Robert Redford
6 Emanationism and the Middle Way Virgo and Mercury Harrison Ford, Agatha Christie, Lahiri vs. Krishnamurthi Ayanamsha
7 Pluto, Sensuality and the Cycles of Evolution Scorpio and Pluto Elvis Presley
8 Surprise ! Vimshottari Dashas, Divine Entertainment Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, John F Kennedy
9 Planetary Patterns Horoscope patterns, Yogas King George VI
10 Responding to Stress The elements, Cancer and the Moon Robert Downey Jr.
11 Fire and Water Astrological study of Vincent Van Gogh Vincent Van Gogh
12 The Force Aries and Mars George Lucas, Nikola Tesla
13 Mercurial Merchants and Mimics Mercury and Gemini Robin Williams, Igor Stravinsky
14 Two Contemporary Kriya Yoga Gurus Shelly Trimmer and Goswami Kriyananda Shelly Trimmer and Goswami Kriyananda
15 The Sleeping Prophet Past-Life Astrology Edgar Cayce
16 The Aquarian Age... Cool ! Aquarius and Uranus Paul Cezanne, Sri Ramakrishna
17 Out with the Water and In with the Air The Aquarian Age, Electromagnetism Alan Turing
18 Being and Seeing The Sun and Moon Helen Keller, Andrea Bocelli
19 Singular Nativities A variety of horoscopes Charles Lindbergh, Ken Wilbur, Miley Cyrus, Luciano Pavarotti
20 When Will I Meet Someone ? Relationship Astrology Elizabeth Taylor
21 Onwards and Upwards Reincarnation and Liberation Harry Houdini, Sri Aurobindo
22 From Bliss to Greater Bliss Spiritual Evolution The Dalai Lama
23 History Music and the Elements Nat King Cole, Natalie Cole
24 Getting Better with Age Saturn and Hollywood leading men George Clooney, Cary Grant
25 The Cosmic Dreamer Explaining Astrology Grace Kelly
26 Sequential Rulership Pairs Unique Combinations Involving the Houses Jeff Bezos, Margaret Thatcher, Colonel Sanders, Donald Trump